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Pay for purchases and withdraw money worldwide with the CryptoCourse card

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about crypto card bsb
about crypto card bsb
Order a card
Register with CryptoCourse and go through online identification. Next, draw a virtual VISA CryptoCourse card for 3 years in one of the following currencies: BYN, USD or EUR. For verified users inside the application, you can order a plastic card in BYN, USD, EUR.
Buy Bitcoin easy
With CryptoCourse app on exchange you can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies directly from the card without additional commission fee. Recharge the balance of your CryptoCourse card with any of your bank payment card
Sell crypto in one click
All funds from the sale of the cryptocurrency will be credited to your account after the successful transaction free of charge. Pay for the purchases with CryptoCourse card as well as receive cash in ATMs around the world
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Store your funds in a bank account
You don’t have to withdraw fiat money from wallets or exchanges anymore, your money already will be on your account and your CryptoCourse card. It’s possible by the integration of the application with BSB Bank

Terms and conditions of the card

Validity period

3 years

Card issue and delivery

for free

Service for the entire card validity period and renewal

for free

Available services

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay, Кошелёк Pay